What’s in the bag?! (hospital essentials)

So, a few days ago, I was having a little mommy to be chit chat with my sweet sister and we got on the topic of what to bring to the hospital for the big day!! I decided to compile a list along with a few explanations for some items and why they’re so awesome to have!

First off, the no brainers:
Phone charger

Must haves you may not think of:
Pillow case(non white) & pillow, especially if you prefer a firm pillow!
Lanolin for breastfeeding mamas
Breast/nipple shields (for those stubborn little stinkers)
Comfy, snap or zip-front gowns(2 or 3); I purchased mine from Walmart

Things you think you’ll need but don’t:
Panties– don’t worry about it, just wear the hospital issued undies! They’re actually really comfy and you’re paying for them anyway. So, why not?!
Diapers– most hospitals will supply you with everything you need for baby and if you run low, just ask! Again, your insurance covers these miscellaneous things, so, there’s no reason for you to bring this stuff.

Cute outfit for pictures -I’d say bring a preemie, newborn & 0-3mo if you’re a first time mom, otherwise we have a pretty good idea of what size babies we birth! Lol
Mittens! Have you seen newborn nails! They’re razor sharp!
Raw Shea butter or coconut oil– these are actually good for you and baby. After babies first bath, slather them! Their skin is so dry and moisturizing will keep it from cracking an bleeding. As for momma, massage either on your tummy and breasts. As your milk comes in, this will aide in the stretching of your skin and prevent chafing and stretch marks.



What an incredible end of 2013 and beginning of 2014 for my family! As many of us know, anything can become a major task when you throw in two little ones under the age of two! Anywho, just wanted to touch base really quick to let my readers know we’re still kicking. I’m just trying to get into the groove of things since our recent move. I hope all is well with you and I will be posting more useful content very soon!!! Thanks for hanging in there with me!!

Milk, milk, and more milk!

So, with my first daughter, I was literally spewing milk! So much milk I didn’t know what to do with it. I even considered methods to decrease my milk production (I didn’t know better). And let’s not even talk about storage. I was putting milk in bags and tossing them in the freezer with no rhyme or reason at all. It wasn’t until Eva was about seven months that I discovered Pinterest and all the life saving tips! Things I knew I had to try and some I just felt I’d pin for safe keeping. One amazing tip I discovered involved breast milk storage, and I almost kicked myself for not thinking of at least the first step in the process on my own. Freeze the milk flat. How simple of a concept is that? This has literally changed my life! I don’t have to stress about how I’m going to fit yet another bag of milk in the freezer or spend forever unthawing a softball sized ball of milk while my baby cries hysterically. Freezing flat just makes the world a better place. The other two steps are just as simple as the first. Simply cut a slot in the bottom of the gift bag and place the milk inside. When you need to use the milk, you’ll pull from the slot and use the oldest milk first! So you don’t have to worry about finding the milk that was pumped less recent because it’ll be stored that way already! Voila! Isn’t this just the most amazing thing since sliced bread?!

Luv and learn your hair tour

Here’s what I’ll be doing this evening along with 100s of other naturalist as! So excited to add this to my list of birthday events. Can’t wait to mix, mingle and learn more about what grows from my head!

Join me!

“Luv & Learn Your Hair|Atlanta”
Where inspiration meets education in the natural hair community…
Brought to you by CAROL’S DAUGHTER
featuing Hairfinity
Taren Guy brings forth a fabulous and unforgettable natural hair event that will be held in Atlanta, GA.
Taren will be speaking on the deeper meanings and issues of natural hair and what it means to her. This segment of the event will be on the more inspirational side with the intent to uplift others to LOVE THEIR HAIR.
An expert hair stylist, will be helping others LEARN THEIR HAIR by giving very valuable tips on how to be free, playful and versatile without compromising it’s health.
Other activies include:
– Live Q & A session with Taren Guy & hair stylist
– A live Big Chop
– A live panel discussion titled “The Deeper The Roots” which will be discussing various topics on texture discrimination, fear of versatility, natural hair in the work place and more! Taren Guy will be moderating along with special guests!

– Fun raffle prizes and giveaways as well as juicy goodie bags to go home with!
(Goodie bags sponsored by CAROL’S DAUGHTER)
– Vendors will be there showcasing their brands
– Cash bar for alcohol & non alcoholic beverages (the bar will be serving a discounted signature cocktail for the evening)

More about our sponsors:
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Eva: living one

My first born. Hmmm, about her arrival. Talk about rude awakening! As 6:30 am appears across the screen of my iPhone 3G, I’m stricken with the urge to well, pee. I waddle into the bathroom to relive myself and back to my bedroom where I hear a pop followed by what felt as if I’d peed my pants. I shoot my man a text exclaiming how I thought my water had broken. I start getting dressed and gather my bags for the hospital all while answering questions from my dad like, “are you hurting?” Ummm, hell yeah! A human being is on a mission to exit my vagina. I think it’s safe to say I’m in pain. Despite the anxious thoughts swarming around in my head, I manage a very reserved, ‘no’. As I wait for my mom to take me to the hospital, I take one last mirror pic to send to my honey. The time is 7:38 am and at this time, I’ve officially been in labor for an hour. “Not too bad. I can do this without meds!” I think to myself. So my mom rushes into the house in a frenzy to get me out and into the car (she’s so dramatic). She asks if I’m okay and starts breathing with me, “Hee hee whooooo, hee hee whooooo.” All I can think is, “Oh shit, I’m really about to have a baby. This is really happening!” In a flux of emotion, I join my mom in the whole ‘hee hee whooooo’ hoopla. I figure she knows what she’s doing, she did have all three of us. We arrive to the ER and they send me up to labor and delivery where they tell me they’re going to keep me for an hour to see if there’s any change before they could admit me. It’s 8:00 am and all I can think is, “I have to be in this pain for an hour?! Fuck that!” No really. I was pissed! I knew nothing of birthing babies at the time, but I was certain my little one was on her way. So my contractions are intense now, and I just keep waiting on someone to come save me. Anybody. I beg my mom to make the nurse check my cervix. It’s 8:30am and the nurse asks if I can wait until 9am because she’s afraid of introducing bacteria and blah blah some shit I don’t want to hear. So I just say, ‘okay’. I manage to make it to 8:45am when I feel the uncontrollable urge to push. My mom tells me not to push, but I’m looking at her like, how in the hell do you expect me to not push? Anyway, I start yelling and in rush the doctors and nurses prepping me for birthing my little girl. I ask, “Can I get an epidural?” And a nurse responds, “No!” I’m instantly brought to reality and now, I’m scared. My mom and the nurses tell me I’ve done the hard part already. At 9:00am, I start pushing and between pushes I’m laughing at myself and talking about how bad I thought it was going to be. After 9 pushes, my sweet baby girl is born. It’s 9:09am and I have a healthy 6lb 13oz spitting image of my husband. She’s beautiful and truly epitomizes her name. She is life. Eva.

A bit (or more) about me…

Well, let me first say that I am the most erratic and indecisive young woman ever! I am pretty free spirited and I think that has a lot to do with why it’s taken me so terribly long to start my blog. I’ve wanted to write and share my experiences for quite some time, now, but am so easily distracted by other things that require my attention. (things like my daughters) Nonetheless, I’m here now. and I look forward to showing you my interests, experience and to hopefully be an open book full of successes & failures. (otherwise wisdom) Thanks so much for taking the time to learn more about me and the stuff I like to do while juggling two little girls and being an awesome (or so I like to think) wife!